The commitment Bruce Field : shirts Made in France

Fabriqué en France

The shirt is one of the centerpieces of the men's wardrobe

Bruce Field offers a wide range of shirts and blouses entirely made in France.
Producing in france, and this almost artisanal, we guarantee high quality to our customers.

The quality, the master-word

Shirts for man Bruce Field are renowned both for the quality of the fabrics and also the quality of manufacturing.
Our shirts are made from the finest cotton double twisted italians.
The cotton double twisted warp and weft brings an outfit of the shirt crisp and enhanced durability.

Our different models of shirts and blouses

Bruce Field offers a wide choice of details: classic collar or an Italian, cut curved or right, wrist musketeer or simple.
Discover our different models of shirts man.

Bruce Field was not forgotten women and also offers various models of blouses Made in France of pure cotton !
Check out the blouses.

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